Bad for America, bad for Pa.

Hillary Clinton as president would be bad for America and bad for Pennsylvania.

In fact, she would be a catastrophe. Clinton and her mentor on energy issues, President Barack Obama, have convinced many Americans the only real victims will be coal miners and their communities. But the impact of Clinton’s policies on consumers would be even worse. The cheapest way to generate electricity is by burning coal. If Clinton has her way, many Pennsylvania families’ electric bills will go up.

Jobs will be lost, too. No other state uses more coal for industrial purposes. Pennsylvanians by the thousands will get pink slips courtesy of Clinton, if she is elected. Our state is the center of the shale drilling industry, which produces huge amounts of cheap natural gas and new supplies of oil. Shale drilling has the potential to free us from dependence on foreign oil.

Clinton is on record as wanting to impose severe new limits on shale drilling. That will cost jobs both in drilling and manufacturing. Energy policy is only part of the problem with Clinton:

– She wants big new taxes on job creators and middle-class families, and wants to expand Obamacare, increasing health insurance costs even more.

– Once all in favor of trade deals such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, she now claims to be a champion of protecting U.S. jobs against foreign predators. Need we remind readers that before she and husband Bill went to the White House, they promised to protect the steel industry?

– Honesty counts. Clinton has been caught lying.

– Her stewardship of foreign policy while secretary of state in 2009-13 was a disaster. Terrorism in the Middle East exploded, figuratively and literally. She and Obama snubbed our closest ally, Israel, while doing virtually nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

– Americans’ personal liberties, particularly those guaranteed by the Second Amendment, mean nothing to Clinton. More powerful government is her goal.

– To pursue it, Clinton actually brags that she will pack the U.S. Supreme Court with ultra-liberal justices who support her policies, not the Constitution.

At another time, Clinton would have no chance at all of winning the presidency. Now, however, she hopes to win through scare tactics. Pennsylvanians — especially those in our area who would be hurt most by a Clinton presidency — should not fall for it. Electing her would be the very disaster she claims to be warning Americans against.