Decency, civility lacking in campaigns

What ugly political campaigns we Americans allow.

Most candidates for national public office no longer focus on messages about what they intend to do to improve our quality of life.

Instead, they only talk about how their challengers are liars and crooks … or worse.

Decency and civility are virtually non-existent in today’s campaigns.

Candidates prefer to mimic The Jerry Springer Show and resort to vulgarities and exploitation with their messages, leaving voters suspicious and angry over the process.

Our campaign system is broken and has been taken over by political organizations — some mysterious — that are flush with cash, thanks to our U.S. Supreme Court and its outrageous attack on our democracy via its 2009 Citizens United ruling that declared unconstitutional government restrictions and accountability measures on “independent” political spending by corporations and unions

We oppose the no-holds barred rule on campaign finances — there must be limits on spending.

We favor term limits because reforms must start there.

We abhor the atmosphere of mistrust and fear under which candidates and their campaigns operate.

We cannot legislate civility, but there must be respect and common ground as a starting point for dialogue about differences, listening past one’s pr