Investigate possible Russian hacking, but don’t make it a partisan probe

More than 40 years ago, we Americans kicked a president out of the White House for various offenses linked to a burglary at the opposition political party’s office. Republicans and Democrats united in outrage about that crime and others linked to it.

So now we’re arguing about whether we should investigate another break-in, also aimed at getting information from the Democrat Party?

There should be no arguing.Republican President Richard Nixon was given the boot because of a scandal that began when some operatives were caught in a physical break-in at Democrat Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington. Even then, few people knew what the thieves were seeking.

Fast forward to 2016. There is evidence the government of Russia was behind leaks of information from digital communications involving top Democrats. Yet some politicians argue investigating that is, somehow, a partisan proposal aimed at proving Russian President Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump win the presidency.

President Barack Obama has said that simply isn’t so. Trump won because he appealed to enough voters with his pro-America message to make a difference.

Fortunately, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem to agree Russian hacking needs to be investigated. Of course it does, but with every effort made to ensure the probe does not turn into a partisan one. Americans need to know what happened — just as we did when the Watergate scandal erupted.