Let’s move on

Throughout the United States, presidential electors cast their ballots Monday. Fewer than a handful of them broke faith with their states’ electorates by not voting as the Nov. 8 results in their states indicated they should.

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was confirmed by the Electoral College, by a 304-227 margin. That made his win truly official.

But in some places, protesters continued to demand that Trump not be allowed to take office. That came after some electors reported being pressured to withhold their votes from Trump. A few said they had been threatened.

A few protesters insisted confirming Trump’s victory amounted to treason.

Actually, it would have been much closer to treason had the electors not done what they did Monday.

A tiny minority of Americans, egged on primarily by some in the entertainment industry, have succumbed to a sort of hysteria over the election. It is not too much to say they resemble children throwing tantrums because they did not get their way.

It’s over. It is time to move on, working together as Americans — rather than against each other — for the good of our great nation.