Central Mountain proud

The Central Mountain Wildcat boys’ basketball team members are District 6 champions and we want to congratulate the players, the coaches, parents and fans.

The same goes to the CM wrestling team — a perennial power in these parts — for winning the District 6 team title on Saturday, too.

There are a lot of CM Proud fans, and we’re among them.

This is the first District 6 title for a Central Mountain boys’ basketball team since the school opened. It is only the second championship of any kind for the boys’ basketball team and the first since its 2001 Mountain League title.

The boys are part of the very competitive Heartland Conference and compete in PIAA playoffs as a 5-A team.

Up to this year, the CM boys had played in two district championship games, most recently in 2013.

And we certainly don’t want to forget the “Blue Crew” student supporters, either.

The team led by Coach Scott Baker made history Saturday night with its clutch win over rival Hollidaysburg, 65-63, in front of a very loud crowd. As Baker said, every team member who played contributed to the victory in some way.

Yes, there is no “I” in team. The boys now advance to the state playoffs vs. the runner-up from District 10 (would that be Erie Cathedral Prep?) on Friday, March 10.

That game, we’re told, will be played within District 6 so it’ll possibly be at nearby Bald Eagle Area.

As for the wrestling team coached by Biff Walizer, now in his second year as head coach, fans have come to expect — and the team has proven over and over again — that CM is a power to be reckoned with. That this area has a rich history in the sport of wrestling, producing state and national champions and just some downright tough wrestlers, is well known.

Make no mistake, we’re proud of all area students whether they’re athletes or not, and we also congratulate Bucktail for its efforts on the courts this season. But as much as these fine student-athletes deserve recognition, it’s so important to praise the critical role that parents and mentors play in the life of young people.

Parents, guardians and mentors have everything to do with helping to shape a young person’s life … their ability to fight against adversity (whether winning or losing) … their decisions and their choices in life. And as we all know, it’s the lessons learned from losing and winning — while always trying — that build character.

And more to

be proud of

Talking about being proud, those who attend this coming Thursday night’s Keystone Central School Board meeting will witness something pretty special. A video will be shown to the board that was produced by two CM students. We got a chance to preview it as this newspaper is an ardent supporter of the Keystone Central Foundation.

The video is called “Because of You” and brings a very powerful message to all who care about quality education. It will be shared on Keystone Central School District’s web site and Facebook page on Friday. Enough said.