It’s Labor Day Weekend, you gotta regatta!

W hat are you doing this weekend?

Can you take time to visit the 47th annual Lock Haven Area Jaycees’ Labor Day Regatta?

The dedicated volunteers who run this festival sure could use your support!

The Jaycees have long been a fixture here, and without them, there would be no such event that attracts several thousand people here for three-and-a-half days of fun along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

Congratulations Jaycees … and thanks to all who support and work at this event.

Every order of french fries, sausage, gyro, ice cream, funnel cake, soda … plus carnival ride or craft item you buy … they all mean a little bit of money to the sponsoring Lock Haven Area Jaycees in support of an event that many people outside of Clinton County use to identify Lock Haven.

And where else can you go in our region to watch national powerboat racing?

Come on, people: “You gotta regatta” promotes this area and provides an economic boost by attracting people from all over.

It’s great every year to anticipate the event, watching for the RVs and trucks pulling trailers loaded with powerboats that come through town to park at the Lockport Boat Launch Park in Woodward Township.

Sometimes, we take for granted our beautiful downtown-township waterfront amenities and infrastructure and how they create appeal for this event, the racers and patrons.

Our fingers are crossed for great weather.

If you haven’t heard that the Jaycees need help in both manpower and finances, you’ve had your head in the sand.

Let’s start with manpower. If your age 18 to about 40, you’re eligible to become a Jaycees.

They need you. We need you. The Jaycees are the reason for this event – plus the various other fundraisers they conduct. It’s a great opportunity to perform community service.

Contact the Lock Haven Area Jaycees at P.O. Box 13, Lock Haven, Pa. 17745, or call the hall at 570-748-6388.

As a volunteer and member, you’ll network with the many, many other community nonprofits, organizations, agencies and businesses that support the Regatta and other fundraisers.

Remember, this year the Regatta opens tonight, as the club has added this day to make the event a four-day affair.

We’re sure that decision didn’t come easy.

Marshalling the manpower and resources to expand an event such as this takes energy and purpose.

It starts tonight and doesn’t end until Monday evening.

See you at the Regatta!