Sad and sickening behavior

W e saw a post on Facebook recently asking something like, “Why is our nation turning into a nonstop Jerry Springer Show?”

We paused and thought, yea .. that is what’s happening.

Lack of basic respect.

Loss of values and morality.

The Jerry Springer Show exploits people’s behavior to gain ratings (viewers). It does so in a revolting way. It is among the most disgusting and disgraceful shows on television, yet Hollywood loves it so there it is, on national, daytime television virtually everyday.

Hollywood is a swamp.

So, while we’re really not surprised, we were taken aback Tuesday morning to two news stories from Pennsylvania that are just sickening: The mother of a Pittsburgh area elementary school student and her boyfriend charged with brutally assaulting and seriously injuring a school teacher in her car on a public street; a suburban Pittsburgh teacher posting on Facebook about “buying a gun” and telling the world to “watch out … hahahahaha.”

To the first incident, isn’t it sad that a mother (anyone) would resort to extreme, physical violence against a public school teacher who was only trying to teach her child respect?

And get this, the child’s mother claims the teacher tried to choke her child (when she was only disciplining her over cellphone use.)

Yea, play the victim.

The teacher’s mother told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “My daughter wouldn’t have a job if she done that, and they wouldn’t be standing behind her if she done that. There’s cameras everywhere. Regardless of what the little darlings say or do to you, you can’t touch them.”

You can argue that the kind of alleged behavior by the child’s mother has been happening all along, and that it’s only because of the 24-hour news cycle and social media that the world is reading about more and more of it.

No. In our opinion, there is an ongoing and very sad decline in America when it comes to human behavior that is born from people having less respect for others and wanting to play the victim.

It’s fed by a growing element in our culture that sickens us — one that thrives on divisiveness and hate.

And yes, we know that fear drives most human behavior and it drives 90 percent of bad behavior.

Too many Americans today not only engage in violence, they’re are entertained by it.

Our individual beliefs don’t make each of us a better person.

Our behavior does.