Congratulations for Army Corps’ OK on boat dock

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ approval of a plan to install a seasonal boat dock on the Lock Haven side of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River near the J. Doyle Corman Amphitheatre marks the clearing of a major hurdle to the project.

We’re sure it did not come easy.

Honestly, we weren’t real optimistic the Corps of Engineers would sign off.

Obviously, the planners were able to design a dock and installation that will not compromise the rock and earth levee.

Way to go!

As reported, the City of Lock Haven has one quote on the project and is waiting for more.

The estimated cost is $40,000.

Funding commitments to this point total $11,750, and the city has applied to the state Department of Community and Economic Development for $14,250.

An additional $14,000 is needed to reach that figure.

The Express community newspaper is proud to have made a monetary pledge toward the project.

We hope more money is raised.

With this dock, more boats can be accommodated during the summer season, during concerts on the floating stage … and so visitors who want to navigate the relatively shallow river here can park and walk into town for dinner or more.

And wouldn’t it be nice if Woodward Township entertained the idea of soliciting an outfitter to be stationed at the township or Lockport boat launch?

Our area is in dire need of an outfitter.

Kayak and canoe trips up and down the river are increasing in popularity.

The river valley between Renovo and Lock Haven, and down to McElhattan, Pine Creek and beyond is mostly unspoiled and stunning.

We’d love to see the city and township work together to promote the waterfront and river recreation here in a more coordinated way.

It starts with talking.