Go to poll Tuesday, please

School board members, magisterial district judges, county judges, state judges, township supervisors, county treasurer, city council members, judges of election and more.

Too many voters probably consider these jobs as not high-profile enough to merit their going to the voting booth this coming Tuesday, but we completely disagree.

Locally, the Keystone Central School District is in the throes of serious economic and educational challenges, with its tax revenues and state and federal subsidies unable to keep up with significantly rising costs for salaries, pensions and benefits.

School board members have monumental decisions to make.

Do you want neighborhood schools?


What teacher-to-student ratios do you want in the classrooms?

Come on people, get out and vote.

Our children need you.

We know that virtually every public school district in the region is facing tough choices.

This year, two Keystone Central School Board members resigned, one did not seek re-election, and another — the board president — is facing a challenge to his incumbency.

We’re grateful to those who serve and dedicate their time and talent.

We’re thankful to people who have stepped up to serve … locally and regionally.

You’ll see their names on the ballot Tuesday.

And then there is a tight race for magisterial district judge … someone who decides the initial fate of people who commit crimes, who sue in small claims court, and more.

That takes us to your local governments.

Township supervisors.

Borough and city council members.

There’s also a contested race in Clinton County for treasurer.

All of these people work for the citizens .. you who pay the taxes and fees … you who create business … you who employ people … you who send your kids to school … you who want safe neighborhoods and safe and quality schools.

As we said earlier this week: If you fail to vote, you forfeit your right to complain. Period.

Rain, snow or shine, get in line on Tuesday.