Demolition of ravaged building right thing to do

Kudos to Lock Haven City Council for moving forward with demolition of the fire-ravaged eyesore and very dangerous former Heilig-Meyers building on Bellefonte Avenue downtown.

It won’t be cheap… tearing down this sprawling, gutted building.

We’ve heard an estimate of $125,000, and that’s no chump change for a city and council stingy with its money.

But demolition is necessary… for safety’s sake.

The Express commissioned and published aerial photos of the burned building on Dec. 30.

There is no roof.

It’s a burned-out shell from a fire over a year ago.

The city is looking to get its money back upon the sale of the property.

Let’s hope so… and let’s hope the site’s future brings improved quality of life.

A neighboring property across Willard’s Alley — the old Town Tavern, which many remember fondly as a warm, inviting stop for a meal or a drink — is also in sad shape.

It has a huge hole in one corner of its roof.

Something has to be done.