Mike Hanna will leave a legacy of true public service

great guy.

That’s what we think of Michael K. Hanna Sr.

To know Mike is to understand that, in all of these years serving as the 76th District representative to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, his goal has been to listen and to help.

As those who do know Mike will tell you, Democrats or Republicans, when you mention Mike’s name, virtually everybody responds, “He’s a good guy.”

Mike is retiring after his current term, meaning he will have spent 28 years — or 14, two-year terms — serving as an elected representative in Harrisburg.

Most people really have no clue as to how much he has helped people and has accomplished because Mike isn’t one to take credit.

Helping First Quality expand here.

Working for increased funding for public education.

Championing sportsmen’s interests.

Being a leader in issues that affect rural areas.

Bringing dollars here to help protect the environment.

These are among the many, many accomplishments in Mike’s body of work.

He’ll leave as House Minority Whip — one of the top two “go to” guys in the Democratic party within the state Legislature.

His longevity of service helped to propel Mike to the Whip position.

But mostly, we know, it was his ability to cross the aisle and work toward compromise with his Republican colleagues and, at times, his fellow Democrats.

Mike has been a common sense guy, and very hardworking.

Just ask his wife, Susan, and his staff.

He has, we believe, represented this region’s values … and those of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is a very complex state.

The majority of the Keystone State’s population is in Greater Philadelphia and Greater Pittsburgh.

The job of those in the Legislature is to get those people to understand our problems and issues … our way of life.

Of course, you still have a lot of work to do, Mike, until you retire at Nov. 30 (or so).

But for now, just after your retirement announcement, we want to say, “Thank you, Mike!”