No face to Facebook

Simply put: You cannot trust what you read and see on Facebook.

Sure, there are legitimate users, and the platform is very important to families and friends who use it to keep in touch, or to re-acquaint themselves.

We wish that was all it was used for.

But this social media behemoth is allowing — and has admitted to — the spread of false information and fake people.

Facebook, as well as Google, Twitter and others, have a responsibility to shield their legitimate users from manipulation, propaganda, lies, falsehoods, scams and other shameful behavior.

And don’t think for one second that technology platforms or forums can be trusted to police themselves.

Look at these numbers: After Facebook initially denied that “fake news” and information operations were a problem on its platform, they were forced to admit later that it accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue from fraudulent ads that reached 120 million people.

Now, Facebook admits to being used by Russian spies who established accounts to lend credibility to their covert efforts.

Using virtual private networks, these spies are accused of conducting their social media interactions while appearing to be based in the U.S., relied on identity theft, stealing and then using the Social Security numbers, home addresses and birthdates of real Americans without their knowledge, federal prosecutors say.

The operatives set up bank accounts at a federally insured bank, set up accounts at PayPal using stolen identities and fake drivers’ licenses, and purchased fraudulent credit card and bank account numbers at as many as six U.S. banks.

The operatives even received money from real Americans who wanted to use the Russian-backed social media pages for their own promotions, the indictment says.

When will the federal government put a stop to this?

When will Facebook put a stop to this?

We demand accountability.