The cost of doing nothin

The cost of doing nothing



I recently tuned into the evening news, only to learn that area deer hunters successfully organized a “shout down” of the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC)’s plan to harvest 40 deer for a Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) study.

I listened as a young man- perhaps in his early 20’s- conversed with a new reporter about how our region could not afford to sacrifice 20 deer for this study.

As for the young man who somehow managed to become the group’s spokesperson, it would be interesting to see how, in just a few short years of his adult life, he managed to acquire knowledge that supersedes that of the professional wildlife biologists who have dedicated their lives to the study of wildlife.

This will probably go down in our area’s history books as one of the region’s most deeply-guarded secrets.

As an avid deer hunter, I am both embarrassed and frustrated by this group’s narrow-minded behavior. At the very least, we owe it to ourselves to allow the PGC an opportunity to justify their plan of action.

CWD is a very serious threat to the very survival of both deer and our wildlife conservation agencies. If we cannot find a way to slow down or eliminated the CWD threat, we are opening the door to allow nature an opportunity to do it for us.

And as I am certain, we are not going to like how that plays out.

If nature is allowed to resolve this problem, the final cut of 40 deer requested for this study will look like “chump change” compared to the cost of doing nothing!