The wall

The wall


Cogan Station

The whole time the genius was running for president, all we heard was “build the wall.”

Who’s going to pay for it? Mexico, he said.

My how things change. Now it’s “build the wall” and who’s going to pay for it? We are. He says he has a plan to get the money from Mexico. Well, what is he waiting for? He has been in office over a year so shift your plan into gear. Get the money and build the wall. If he gets $10 million, build that much of the wall. If he gets $1 billion, do that much. If he gets the full $25 billion, let him build his stupid wall.

Only about one third of the people in the country think it’s a good idea. He just wants something else to hang his “Made in China” hat on. So for all you Fox watchers who still support Trump and think Mexico is going to pay for the wall, your Trump University diploma should be coming in your mail any day now.