We need more than talking just points

We need more than

talking just points


State College

I lived near Howard for a while before moving to State College because I couldn’t find work in Clinton County.

My parents got The Express when I was a kid so I still check it out online quite often.

Curious, it seems like every two weeks I read two or three more letters to the editor that appear like they were written by Marc Friedenberg campaign staff.

This flood of letters claim Marc is clean-energy savvy, that he gets it, that he’ll vote to overturn net neutrality, and that he supports a $15 an hour minimum wage.

But all the letters are generic and they don’t provide any real plans or specifics.

I’m a young Democrat so I’ve gone to two of Marc’s “listening sessions.”

In my opinion, he offered very little in the way of substance at either of them.

Just talking points.

His website and Facebook page are equally uninformative. To me, “renewable energy savvy” sounds a lot like a politician’s phrase.

I have a degree in chemistry with a minor in psychology. I have no idea what renewable energy savvy really means. Ask Marc to discuss, in detail, the challenges of transitioning from a fossil fuel to renewable energy economy and the timetable for doing so and see what he says.

Explain to him that neither the United Nations nor the world’s leading climatologists think we can combat climate change using just renewable energy and being more energy efficient and then ask him what his plan is. Ask him how he’s going to get his proposed $15 an hour minimum wage passed when almost every small business owner says that it will kill their business and result in the loss of jobs.

Marc says his job’s plan is to bring high speed internet to rural communities. But that’s not a real jobs plan. Those jobs are temporary. What do those workers do in three years after the broadband cable is laid in the ground? I support expanding broadband internet. But I think there are way bigger priorities.

I’m 25 years old. I’m drowning in student loan debt.

I have to live with two roommates just to afford my rent. I want to buy a home before I turn 50.

I want a future. I’m sick of hollow rhetoric and talking points. But I guess he’s a lawyer and that’s what they do. Honestly, I think we’re all tired of the same old talking points and campaign promises. I don’t need more of that. Ideology and talking points won’t fix our problems. Neither will a constant stream of letters to the editor. We need real ideas and realistic solutions and they need to be fleshed out.

I’d like to see specifics on just how Marc intends to combat climate change and how he’s going to pay for it. I’d like to see specifics on how he’s going to create more permanent jobs. I’d like to see specifics on how he’s going to make college more affordable. I’d like to know his stance on how to pay for local education as school districts sink deeper into debt. What’s his stance on teacher salaries and pensions?

What’s his stance on the current size of the defense department budget?

Maybe one of the next three letters to the editor could delve into some of those issues instead of just telling us how wonderful he is and that “he gets it.”