Applause, Applause!

Each Saturday, The Express community newspaper highlights people, groups and activities our readers deem worthy of applause.

Dear Friends and Community, I would like to express my GRATITUDE for your support and assistance with my Hurricane Harvey relief project. It was definitely a great success. While we were in Texas, we assisted two families in need by helping to rebuild their homes. Thanks to local businesses and the community, we were able to split our monetary donations, which had reached ten thousand dollars between a local hurricane relief organization, a church that helps families in need, and a particular family who lost everything from the flooding. Without your support, my project would not have been possible. Thank you again for your generous donation.

— Sincerely, Jacob Jeffries

The Flemington Hi-Neighbor Committee is a volunteer group of people with the purpose of making Flemington a better place to live. The committee would like to THANK the Dirty Dabbers group who took first place in our Christmas parade and donated their prize money back to our committee. You are a great group of young people who added an awesome addition to our parade. Everyone watching was really impressed with your performance. We would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bowes of North Hillview Street for their donation. Your beautiful holiday decorations showed the Christmas spirit and many residents of Flemington enjoyed seeing your display. People like you help the committee volunteers feel that what we do for the community is appreciated.

I would like to THANK the staff of the Lock Haven Hospital branch of UPMC Susquehanna for the excellent care I received during my recent stay. From the cleaning staff to the doctors, from the ER to the medical floor, I received fast, efficient, professional, kind and caring service. You were wonderful, thank you.

–Judy Smith