They’re working on the road for you so be careful

It is ironic that the men and women holding flags and stop signs to keep us safe while we drive through highway work zones are in more peril than we are.

It is true, however.

Accidents in work zones claim scores of lives each year.

Many of them are the people repaving our roads, repairing our bridges and otherwise keeping the transportation network in usable condition.

The spring construction season is upon us.

Orange barrels and traffic cones are or soon will begin to sprout like April flowers (current cold weather aside).

Pay attention to them.

But be especially watchful of traffic controllers and highway workers.

Slow down, be alert, and do not be in too much of a hurry to get where you are going.

They would like to go home to their families, too.

Talking about safety, it was gratifying to read recently that traffic deaths in Pennsylvania reached a new low in 2017, dropping to 1,137, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1928.

Let’s keep that number on the decline.