Somebody has a grudge and they must be stopped

The fires at the vacant Fallon Hotel reveal that someone wants to see it burn down.

They also could care less about human life.

Four fires were intentionally set last Sunday at or near the Fallon in just a matter of hours, according to investigators.

And even set in daylight.

We urge the public to keep a close eye on people and situations here as authorities search for the arsonist.

For years, the Fallon was a boarding house offering one-room rentals.

The place also was a popular tavern/bar for college students.

And it also has been the subject of ire among city officials and businesspeople wanting to see the historic building either revived or torn down.

Amid all of this, it is encouraging to hear there is a “sale pending” on the building, apparently for a price of $235,000 … or about.

Who is buying it?

What will they do with it?

We look forward to the answers to those questions.