Support your community pool so it can thrive

Thank you to those people — paid AND volunteers — who work to keep public, community pools open and running.

Thanks to the municipal leaders who support public pools.

Back in the day, public pools were the “go to” place for young people seeking a social scene.

The pools were crowded because they were the destination on hot, sunny days during the summer.

Summer jobs for young people working as lifeguards.

Free swimming lessons.

Night and daytime pool parties where teens gather for clean, enjoyable fun.

Community pools are a great place for fundraisers, too.

As summer approaches, pools are getting their acts together, developing schedules, hiring staff, planning events and more.

In our region, there are:

r The Community Pool at Mill Hall off 1st Street in Mill Hall is a wonderful community asset … the only public pool in Clinton County. Check out its Facebook page for the latest information on schedule. An opening date for the 2018 summer season is pending. The borough-funded and self-funded outdoor aquatic facility is “dedicated to providing our community, and its visitors, with a safe and fun place of swimming for the whole family.”

r Kepler Pool at Bellefonte, operated by the YMCA of Centre County, is scheduled to open June 1! Memberships are on sale at the YMCA. This 46-year-old pool is competing for a sizeable grant from the state, leveraged by thousands of dollars from Bellefonte Borough, Spring, Benner and Walker townships. It may know this coming fall. Multi-municipal cooperation in support of Kepler Pooling is outstanding … a model of commitment.

r The Jersey Shore Community Pool is gearing up for the 2018 season. In fact, this pool will open, weather permitting, Saturday, May 26, and Sunday, May 27, 2018 from noon to 6 p.m. The pool will be open daily beginning June 7. The borough just hired 20 people for temporary seasonal work as lifeguards and concession stand workers at the pool.

Don’t take your community pool for granted, folks.

Join them.

Support them.

Take your kids there.

Work to keep these pools open as wonderful assets that provide families with great, wholesome and healthy fun.