A day to reflect on our values

t’s Flag Day 2018 in America.

The official flag of the United States of America doesn’t just represent freedom.

It represents sacrifice.

It represents decency, respect, compassion.

It represents peace.

It is a symbol for America’s values and ideals.

Those values and ideals come from our predecessors … our fathers, mothers, grandparents … those who love and loved America.

They also certainly come from the founding of this nation.

The flag is “We the people.”

For sure, not all Americans share the same views and beliefs.

But the vast majority of us subscribe to the general ideals of liberty, equality, democracy, individualism, unity, service to others, love of country, and diversity.

We want liberty balanced with accountability and, most of all, responsibility.

Work and earn if you can, don’t take. Help others if you can.

And who are we? We are a people who in the past have made many mistakes, both of the head and the heart.

We are a people who continue to err.

But the overwhelming majority of Americans are good-hearted people.

Anyone who doubts that has not bothered to know us.

We are people who understand our nation is not perfect, but who are determined to make it better, as did our ancestors.

No other people on the face of the earth devotes as much of what we Americans earn to helping others, both here and abroad.

No other people anguishes as we do over the rights of others. No other people wants peace as much as we do.

Our flag stands for our nation, both as we are and as we hope to be.

Today, then, ought to be a day to salute Old Glory. Long may she wave!