Thank You!

We are honored to host a “Time Out” (RSVP) open house this evening in partnership with the Clinton County Economic Partnership.

We appreciate the consideration we get from our readers as we work to earn their respect and trust.

We greatly value the business we receive from and our relationship with all of our advertisers.

We appreciate the investment they all make in us so we can give them a return on that investment: Working virtually 24/7 to report what matters, good or bad, and being a forum for opinions.

In an era where some national media outlets are twisting their news reports to fit their political agendas — something we here at The Express abhor — your community newspaper has no such agenda.

First and foremost, we work to provide credible information so you can form your own opinion, so you can devise your own call to action.

The Express is among 76 daily newspapers in Pennsylvania.

We sell and deliver a print edition Monday through Saturday, with just two holidays off.

The Express has been in continuous operation since 1882 (it’s our 136th year).

The Express was formed from two publications: The Republican and The Democrat.

We produce the No. 1, most-visited web site in the market at and we maintain it every day of the week.

Indeed, The Express serves a very strong and vital readership, with thousands of people reading our print and online editions every day.

We work with local middle and high school students and educators to produce the Junior Journal and the Student Express to allow our youth a hands-on opportunity to serve their schools and community, and to give them a voice.

We work with Lock Haven University and its student newspapaer, The Eagle Eye, and we work with many other college students through job shadowing and internships.

We work to maintain and improve our buildings downtown.

We work to hire local residents or college graduates.

Members of our staff are members of local civic and service organizations … The Lions, The Rotary, The Kiwanis.

We invest your hard-earned newspaper subscription and advertising dollars in our staff, in technology, in our buildings, in important community organizations that work to make a difference here and, last but not least, in school booster clubs and entities seeking to positively empower our youth.

We’re proud of the work we do, yet we’re never above reproach because we do make mistakes.

Integrity and credibility are among the most important values we work to uphold.

Thank you for allowing us to serve and work for you.