You gotta regatta!

At approximately 10 a.m. this morning, Saturday, Sept. 1, a ceremony will take place formally opening the 48th annual Lock Haven Area Jaycees Labor Day Regatta powerboat races and carnival.

At the same ceremony, Lock Haven and Woodward Township officials, joined by the Clinton County Economic Partnership, Jaycees and others will be presented with an award recognizing the communities as one of the “2018 Great Places in Pennsylvania” by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association (AIP).

It’s an honor, and one born from the visionaries who were in leadership positions here in the mid-to-late 1980s who brought flood protection to the community that features a unique infracture boasting many recreational amenities nurtured by both the city and township.

We too often take for granted our beautiful downtown-township waterfront amenities.

Folks, if you were in the city yesterday afternoon, you saw the impact the Regatta is having on the local economy.

Hundreds of people were pouring into the community, staying in RVs and campers at the township boat launch, local hotels and campgrounds to attend the regatta. Stores were busy. So was the traffic.

With Lock Haven University students also milling about town, there was a buzz in the air.

By the way, if your age 18 to about 40, you’re eligible to become a Jaycee.

They need you. We need you.

The Jaycees are the reason for this event – plus the various other fundraisers they conduct. It’s a great opportunity to perform community service.

Contact the Lock Haven Area Jaycees at P.O. Box 13, Lock Haven, Pa. 17745, or call the hall at 570-748-6388.

And please take time to attend and support the Jaycees and their tireless work to put on this four-day carnival-festival-boat race extravaganza together.

Without the Jaycees, there would be no such event that attracts several thousand people here for tons of fun along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

Congratulations Jaycees … and thanks to all who support and work at this event.

P.S. Stay for the huge fireworks display at 10 p.m. Sunday.