No response from GOP candidate is disappointing

People of the 76th House Legislative District — our region — are fortunate to have two young people step forward to seek election to serve them in the Pennsylvania State Legislature. We’re talking about Michael Hanna Jr. and Stephanie Borowicz.

We take the glass-half-full approach by expressing our appreciation for the desire of these two people to represent the interests of district voters and taxpayers in Harrisburg.

Heck, in this acrid political climate, we applaud everyone who steps up to serve at any level of government.

Yet, we’re saddened when any candidate refuses to even talk to us — your community newspaper — as one means of communicating with their prospective constituents.

That’s the case with Mrs. Borowicz.

In late August, we invited Mrs. Borowicz to participate in a political forum in downtown Lock Haven the evening of Oct. 23.

Our plan was to have a panel of local media (newspaper and radio) representatives, and a non-media moderator. We also offered to have each candidate appoint someone to the panel, so long as they were not related to the candidate or any county party official, were not campaign managers, or were not a party committee president or officer.

We’ve received no response from Mrs. Borowicz.

We reached out to Clinton County Republican party officials. Still no response.

So far as we’ve been able to ascertain, Mrs. Borowicz has declined to participate in forums offered by The Express, the Christian Coalition of Clinton County, and the League of Women Voters of Centre County. She also has declined to be interviewed by C-Net public access TV in Centre County, according to a C-Net executive.

Mr. Hanna agreed to participate in each of these events/interviews.

What we did hear from Mrs. Borowicz, just this week on her social media page, is that she considers us “biased.”

Based on her statements, she feels all of the local media in the district, apparently including the Christian Coalition, are biased against her beliefs.

She paints a broad brush over all of us.

That’s unfair.

We are saddened and disappointed that our thousands of readers will not get the chance to read about what the Republican candidate for the 76th District seat has to say.

The League of Women Voters and C-Net are proceeding with forums-interviews without Mrs. Borowicz.

Folks, “Our View” is that, if you want to be a public servant, you are obligated, and you are responsible to communicate with credible, long-established institutions that serve the people … and the public good.