New ‘Lucky’ development good for safety

We know of no one who wanted to see such a quality business like Lucky 7 Meats end a more than 30-year run in Lock Haven.

Who doesn’t want a great butcher shop in their community?

But alas, time brings change.

And now, that change is in the form of a new truck stop at the Lucky 7 location along Walnut Street, right off the exit from Paul Mack Boulevard/Route 220.

It should turn out to be a very smart business decision.

The new truck stop-restaurant-gas/diesel station will serve tractor trailer trucks going to and from the First Quality Tissue because it will be along the new entrance to the sprawling paper manufacturing plant.

That, we hope and believe, will reduce tractor trailer truck traffic through the streets of Lock Haven.

Yes, on a daily basis, we see large rigs crawling through the downtown business district trying to find the right way to get into the paper plant off Woods Avenue — the border between the city, Flemington and Castanea Township.

We’re sure the rig drivers’ GPS is giving them conflicting information as to how to access/enter the plant, taking them through the city and through neighborhoods they should not be in.

So much for technology … or at least, so much for outdated mapping.

The Lucky 7 Travel Plaza received city planning commission approval last week. The developer is Sonny Singh, president of VASAS Inc. , owner of the property.

VASAS Inc. is compliant with all city regulations but asked for the waiver of one ordinance, city Codes Enforcement Officer Cindi Walker told The Express.

The new development will include a 10,000-square-foot building with a convenience store and a Wayback Burger with five gas pumps, four diesel pumps and two entrances and exits.

There will be 59 parking spaces surrounding the building, seven more than the city’s regulation of 52, including the truck parking in the back of the building for overnight drivers, he continued. Showers will also be available for drivers who are parking overnight, he said.

This project is extra significant because, besides bringing jobs and additional tax revenue to a city that sorely needs it, it will improve safety because of the rerouting of trucks.

Now, we just need to get the GPS updated.