Welcome, Ms. Martin!




Learning communities.




These are the words and phrases used by new Keystone Central School District Superintendent Jacquelyn Martin this week in her first presentation to the public before she officially takes office.

We’ll respond with our own words and phrases.

Thank you.


We’re behind you.

We support you.

It’s also very awesome that Ms. Martin is an alumnus of Keystone Central as a graduate of the former Sugar Valley High School.

Please, Ms. Martin, amid all you do to lead KC, help the district, community and alumni to come together to form an alumni association, bringing into the fold the thousands of graduates over the years from Lock Haven, Bald Eagle Nittany, Bucktail Area, Sugar Valley, Central Mountain and all of the predecessor schools.

What better way to help bring renewed pride to the district than to enlist graduates to give their time and interest to nurture students and Keystone Central’s future?

There are many who want to see this happen. Count us among them.

It truly does take a village.

There are other important challenges ahead, of course.

We’ve said it many times before: Quality schools retain and attract quality families and students.

That’s not quite the reality at Keystone, which must overcome significant hurdles to – for example – help realtors bring families here amid the strong job creation by private industry and the public sector.

School board members are an integral part in setting the tone for a district’s improvement and growth.

Administrators are essential, too.

Teachers … it goes without saying that teachers are at the forefront of creating and nurturing pride and success.


It all starts with parents. Engaged, responsible parents.

Everyone should stand for something bigger than themselves.

That something is our kids.

Now is the moment when those who care must gather around one of our new education leaders and help her help us – as in all of us – be successful.