To Keystone Central School Board members

To Keystone Central School Board members



I understand that the posting for applications for the head varsity football coaching position at Central Mountain High School has been opened. I would like to suggest that you take a serious look at how you handle this review and selection process.

The concern is that the same people who have made the last two selections for this position will be put back into the same leading role in this process. I believe enough concern has been voiced by the community that you should consider a way to ensure that this process is a fair process that receives input and feedback from more than just a select few. I understand that, due to contractual obligations, etc., that ultimately a decision will come from your board. However, I believe that parents and players have a lot at stake in this process and at a minimum deserve the right to at least voice their opinions.

Therefore, I am suggesting that you consider creating a parent/player advisory board and that that board be given access to the candidates to have an opportunity to be a part of the process. With all of the attention that has been brought to the board about both the parents’ and players’ concerns over how the situation regarding Coach Michael Nines has been handled to this point, I believe that we have a right to be a part of the process.

This advisory board could be given a rating system to work from with the ultimate decision being made by the board, but that would at least bring more voices and opinions to the table. Let’s not just maintain the status quo; let’s really teach these boys how this process can work and expose them to new things.

Can you please share your thoughts and concerns with this suggestion? Obviously, there are more details that would need to be discussed but I believe this to be a fair and reasonable request. Thanks for your time and consideration on this matter.