Don’t bother to vote


South Williamsport

I was “working the crowd” over the Fourth of July weekend, passing out campaign literature and trying to register voters, and was amazed by the number of people who seemed almost insulted to be asked if they would like to register.

At least one out of five people I talked to made a virtue of refusing to register or vote because they “don’t like the choices.”

At first I was appalled. I grew up in an era when we actually thought about the blood that has been shed to make us a democracy and saw voting not only as a privilege, but as keeping faith with patriots down the centuries.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “Cool. Don’t bother to vote.”

See, I am going to vote. I am going to vote passionately and strongly for the candidates who reflect my personal opinions on everything from national immigration to local school taxes, from the criminal justice system to the minimum wage, from marriage equality to infrastructure investment.

On election day, I will be there … with bells on.

And, if you stay home, I get to vote for you, too.

The fewer people who vote, the more powerful my ballot becomes.

When you fail to register and vote, you essentially elect me to be your voice. I am so glad that, without knowing me, without even a hint of who I am or what I believe, you trust me to make key decisions for you; how your kids are educated, who is allowed to enter our country, what laws impact gun ownership, how our military is used and our veterans served, and every aspect of how our tax dollars are spent, from free school lunches to billions in subsidies for corporations.

My choice.

So again, don’t bother to register, and if you are registered, please feel free to stay home on Nov. 8. The weather is likely to be bad anyway, and you will be more comfortable if you just stay inside with a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.