Extremely thankful


Mill Hall

On July 31, the Clinton County Community was invited to enjoy a day at the Community Pool at Mill Hall.

This offer to the community came from the generosity of a caring couple in the Mill Hall area. Ken and Karen Shadle sponsored the day for the community.

There were 215 people who showed up to enjoy the water and a treat.

The Shadles not only sponsored the free swim, they offered a treat to everybody of a beverage, hot dog and snack.

The Friends of the Community Pool would like to thank the Shadles for choosing our pool to share their caring and giving ways.

When the pool closed at 5 p.m. on July 31, as people were leaving the facility, all you could hear was, “thank you” and “we had a great time.” Those sentiments were meant for the Shadles.

It is because of people like the Shadles that our community is such a wonderful place to live.

Ken and Karen Shadle, you have demonstrated such caring acts of kindness and the Community Pool at Mill Hall is extremely thankful.