How dare you


Lock Haven

I am writing in response to Clinton County Judge J. Michael Williamson vacating Shonda Walter’s death penalty.

In what universe do you feel that you have the right to do that, Judge Williamson?

As a member of the jury that not only convicted her of murder and sentenced her to death, I cannot for the life of me figure out why she would not meet her fate by death.

I sat on that jury, along with the other members of this county. We endured a trial that included unimaginable photos of the crime she committed, and we watched as she showed no remorse whatsoever.

We listened to testimony of her so-called “friends” as they tried to explain how she went to get them and brought them to Mr. James Sementelli’s home to see his lifeless body.

Lastly, how about Mr. Sementelli, who cannot speak for himself as he is no longer with us, or his family who lost him to an untimely death.

Please your Honor, explain to me how a jury of her peers decided her fate and you decided that she didn’t have proper representation.

Well, you know what? Too damn bad!

She took a life, now she deserves to pay with her own.