Waste of tax money



Once again, it looks like Lycoming County government will spend more tax money on the Williamsport Regional Airport terminal in Montoursville.

As one of the “soon to be dead” senior citizens, I have time to travel and since last September, I have been to India, Bolivia, Mexico, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Peru.

I could afford to travel to these places because I did not fly out of our local airport.

As an example, why would I pay $1,200 to fly to one of the above destinations from Williamsport when I can easily drive to airports in Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, or Newark and fly for $300 to $600?

And some hotels at those locations let you park your car for free for two or three weeks, too!

When one stays in $20 a night hotels, the price difference pays for my lodging and meals while traveling.

Has anyone done a poll of people who actually use the local airport? I would bet that most frequent flyers do not care what our local terminal looks like.

We only sit in a terminal for an hour or so and the main priority of flyers is cost, not comfort.

Surely there are better ways to spend $2 million than on an airport that 80 percent of local travelers will not use.