A commendable act of kindness


Lock Haven

With all of the negatively reported human actions locally and in the world today, we don’t often hear about the good deeds of human kindness of people helping others.

This is a story of one that happened to me recently.

On Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I was to a picnic earlier and on the way home, I decided to stop and watch the motorboat races on the Susquehanna River. I parked on East Water Street in line with the lower boat racing buoys in the river. With chair in hand, I started up the side of the dike-levee.

Being a man of 90 years, I was taking my time to reach the top.

An unknown young lady approached me from behind to offer me assistance.

When we reached the top, I thanked her and sat down to watch the races.

Fifteen minutes later, she re-appeared with a bottle of water and said, “Enjoy the races!”

After sitting in the hot sun for one-and-a-half hours, I decided to leave.

The same young lady sitting on her front porch noticed me putting my folded chair in its case and came up again to assist me.

With her arm in mine, we proceeded down the levee to my car. I thanked her again and said, “You’re very kind.”

Her reply was, “We all are.”

I did not know her or ask her name.

What a wonderful example of concern she displayed to assist an elderly stranger who may have needed help.

It was very much appreciated!