I have some other questions about Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s use of her private e-mail server for some of her business e-mails as secretary of state. Why aren’t the private e-mail servers of high-level government officials afforded the same level of protection as their government e-mail accounts?

Current government officials often rely on former officials/contacts to assist in on-going negotiations. History has many examples of diplomatic negotiations carried on through unofficial/private channels when those negotiations were very delicate.

Would the government e-mail server have been much, if any, safer than the Clinton’s personal server? After all, we are learning that very few, if any, communication systems are safe now, whether we are talking about government, business, banking, or personal servers.

I think it’s time to move on to which of the major party candidates has the better preparation to be our next president. We need someone who has the ability to represent the United States with professionalism, not blustering showmanship.