Act of kindness



On the hot and muggy Thursday morning of Sept. 8, an anonymous person pulled up to the American Rescue Workers facility and shelter on Elmira Street in Williamsport and asked how many people worked at the building.

She was told 50. She left and shortly thereafter came back with 50 cups of Frosty soft serve ice cream from Wendy’s.

On behalf of this wonderful act of kindness, the American Rescue Workers thank you!

(Gary Johnson is eBay sales manager for the American Rescue Workers inWilliamsport.)

Act of kindness

Act of kindness


Livingston Manor, N.Y.

Last weekend, my two grandchildren, ages 9 and 11, and I traveled to Williamsport to attend the Little League Baseball World Series. We had planned the trip for months and it lived up to all of our expectations. It was an amazing experience and a great testament to the citizens of your town who volunteer their time so that children can compete on the best of terms.

After spending a hot day without much shade on Saturday, we arrived at the stadium early Sunday morning and found a semi-shaded area from which to watch the games and from where the kids could do their cardboard sledding. Between the games on Sunday, we went to the museum and again were thoroughly impressed by the interactive exhibits and the thoughtful presentations.

Just as we were leaving the museum, we were approached by a couple who asked if we were going to the final game.

When we said “yes,” they asked if we had seats in the stadium. Hearing that we did not, they offered us their tickets free of charge and said they wanted to see kids have a good time.

My grandchildren were ecstatic.

We thanked them profusely and headed to our wonderful seats in the stadium to watch the game.

On the drive back to New York, we spoke about their generosity and the joy it brought us. My grandchildren now know what it is like to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.

I am hoping this will be a life lesson for them to give to others. I’m not sure the couple were from Williamsport, but in the hopes that they are I am writing this letter to thank them again. They made two little kids and their grandmother very happy.