Blowing smoke



People don’t trust Hillary Clinton. How do I know? Because these are the first five words out of the mouth of any Republican spokesperson in response to any question when they are being interviewed on television or radio. If they are asked about the weather or how the fish are biting, their response is, “People don’t trust Hillary Clinton.”

Why don’t people trust Hillary Clinton? Is it the e-mails? She never lied about having a private server, no one asked. Colin Powell had an AOL account, completely open to a system administrator who didn’t work for him or the government, and no one ever even asked to see his e-mails. The FBI reported that Hillary answered all of their questions about her e-mails truthfully. Could it be “Benghazi?”

This has been investigated dozens of times at a cost of millions of our tax dollars.

She was questioned by a room full of prosecutors and there was no “there” there. Maybe it’s the Clinton Foundation.

After all, people gave lots of money to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state. People also gave money to Bush Sr.’s foundation while “W” was president, and no one complained. The only thing that’s been proven so far is that people who know each other and worked together might still keep in touch and exchange e-mails. They can even ask for favors, even if they don’t get them.

People don’t trust Hillary Clinton because the Republican Party has spent millions of dollars and thousands of manhours trying to convince people that they can’t trust Hillary.

The FBI investigated her e-mails and reported that her answers to their questions were truthful and that, while what she did wasn’t the best idea, it wasn’t illegal. Nothing came out of any of the “Benghazi” investigations and no impropriety has been found with the Clinton Foundation.

There is no proof of any of the things the Republicans have accused Hillary of doing. If there was, Hillary would be out of the race and, maybe even on trial.

Has Hillary ever squeezed the truth a little hard? She’s a lawyer; she can’t help herself. We all tend to tell the truth in a way that shows us in the best light. That doesn’t mean that we are all liars. Goebbels was right. If you repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough, people will accept it as the truth.

That Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted is a lie that has been repeated over and over again by people who have even less credibility than Joe Goebbels. Republicans have spent millions of your tax dollars in a desperate grab for power that is slipping away as their supporters get old and die off.

People often say, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” but it could also be someone blowing smoke. Don’t fall for it. It’s all a con.