It’s your money



Mom was right.

I just saw the latest “never Donald Trump” ad showing KKK leaders and other white supremacist groups pledging support and showing admiration for him. This would be a prime example of the lowest form of mudslinging if the people in the ad were actors.

Unfortunately, those people are not actors. They are the leaders of the very worst lowlife trolls in America coming out from beneath their bridge to pay homage to their new leader. My mother used to tell me that you could tell the character of a man by the company he keeps. Those guys speak volumes about Donald, and he can’t seem to be able to disavow them.

Donald’s ex campaign chairman was a player in multi-million-dollar business deals with Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs – one of them a close Vladimir Putin ally with alleged ties to organized crime. The Trump campaign’s only change to the Republican platform was softening a plank calling for assistance to help Ukraine roll back the Russian invasion.

Worse yet, Donald’s largest donor and chief supporter is a hedge fund guy who made his fortune by having the fastest computer connection and skimming some money off every stock sale. This does nothing productive, but because he is there, your 401k and pension plan made a little less money. This guy isn’t spending millions to get Trump elected for philosophical reasons. His business model depends on a large number of very short-term transactions that let him skim a little off the top each time. This allows him to make a lot of money in small increments but adds no value for any company or investor but him.

Hillary has come out in favor of a transaction tax that would make his operation far less profitable. It’s your money.