Mike Hanna and guns


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It’s exceedingly rare for a talented career politician like Mike Hanna to make a flagrant gaff, admitting his true feelings in opposition to a position shared by a large number of his constituents.

Mr. Hanna is attempting to hide those conflicts now with recent seminars on guns and concealed carry laws, a great example of political hypocrisy, courting votes of those with whom he disagrees. Fortunately for the residents of the 76th District, Mr. Hanna revealed his true thoughts less than two years ago, as published in this newspaper on Oct. 17, 2014.

Maybe The Express should rerun that article before the election.

Some of Mr. Hanna’s direct quotes from that article include, “It’s a little uncomfortable knowing that the fifth member of my caucus carries a gun at all times,” but most telling is, “The solution is a little better police protection, not more guns. Guns belong in the woods “

Mr. Hanna obviously does not believe in Second Amendment rights for personal protection. He could barely have been more clear on the topic.