Myth busting

During a big presidential election cycle, there is such a flood of claims that it is difficult to tell fact from fiction. We must be careful not to be swayed by half truths and misinformation. A perfect example of such misinformation is the statement against Mike Hanna saying that he did not support the continued operation of the Bucktail Medical Center.

I feel compelled to destroy this myth! I call it a myth out of a sense of politeness; it may also be called a distortion, or even an outright lie. No matter how you see it, it is wrong.!

Fact: Mike worked hard to get emergency funds released to the Bucktail Medical Center so that it could continue to serve the area. This statement is from Timothy Reeves, the Bucktail Center Administrator. I quote:

“I have to give Mike Hanna a great deal of credit for his work behind the scenes on our behalf. His efforts were essential to seeing the situation move forward.”

Take particular note of the word, essential. This is a far, far cry from not helping the center. This is but one of the many times over the years that Mike has worked to benefit his constituents in the 76th Legislative District.

Unfortunately, once a distortion of the facts like this has started, the truth may never reach some of the voters.

It has taken Mike years of dedication and hard work for Clinton County to attain his considerable influence and respect, especially now that he is House Minority Whip. The continued good fortune and benefits from having a representative like Mike in a leadership role hinges on this election.

The bottom line: Don’t believe everything you read or hear, especially in a political campaign. It may be a myth, or worse, a deliberate distortion. Let us hold campaigners accountable and fact check everything; otherwise, you can’t be sure that what is said is true. Be well informed and be sure to vote.