Religious freedom



I am ashamed of Mifflin County and the blatant bigotry and racism that has been brought to the forefront during this election year. I am ashamed that there are people in this county who think that their color or the religion they follow is more important than that of any other person. I am ashamed that there are Mifflin County commissioners who think that they can put anything on a public website that is bigotry at the worst and poor taste at its “best.”

A little fact for people who agree with the commissioner in question: America was founded with religious freedom in mind. America was found to stop the bigotry and hypocrisy that came because of people forcing other people to follow their religion.

Another fact that the anti-Muslim post that was posted on Facebook by the commissioner in question: There are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and less than 1 percent are radical terrorists.

The anti-Muslim stance that people are taking is pathetic. It would be like saying that all Christians are racist, hypocritical bigots because of people like the commissioner in question and to a further extent, Donald Trump.

So before people make the stupid pathetic comments about another person’s religion or their color or their views on the world, stop and think for a minute. Look at it from the opposite point of view and then think about the comment that you were going to make. Would you like that comment made against you? If not, then stop and don’t make the comment. It is as simple as that. Do to others as you would wish them to do to you. It’s not hard but plain simple common sense.