Thank you, Steve Poorman


Owner, The Edge, Lock Haven

I read some of the negative information about Steve Poorman and wanted to say I believe it’s been a wonderful thing he has done for many in the community.

If everyone did what Steve has done, I’m sure our town would be a much better place to live, especially for people in need.

People who have said negative things about Steve apparently never worked with him or maybe they deserved his strong business hand.

But if you are honest with him, he will do the same with you many times over.

Steve noticed I was working in a food business and I told him my dream was to own my own restaurant and bar.

Five years went by and we never had any communication until one day he came to me and said he thought he had an opportunity that might work. At the time, my husband and I were not prepared to purchase a business. Everything seemed stacked against us.

Steve never lost hope and filled us with encouragement. He bought the building and worked on our dream many nights and weekends. He never charged us for any of the work and created a very unique way for us to own our own business. I never thought it could happen, but nothing stopped him.

I’ve never met anyone as smart or strong in business, nor anyone who ever believes in the little guy more than Steve Poorman.

He spent hours with me talking about how to operate a restaurant and do advertising that would be inexpensive and effective. He worked on everything from our name to financial projections. No matter how busy he is, he will always stop and give us the time we need if we have a problem.

Through this learning time, I’ve discovered Steve not only helped us reach our dreams, he has done this with many businesses in the city.

I don’t believe anyone knows about all of the business projects that happen in Lock Haven where he is working in the background. I also know he has given a lot of money to many charitable organizations that no one knows about.

Our business, The Edge, is up and running and doing very well. Steve introduced us to John Houser in State College who has also helped us with our business. If it hadn’t been for Steve Poorman and John Houser, we would never have realized our dream and this business, which is now beautiful and busy with good food and many employees.

Thank you, Steve.