Democrats ignore America’s secure future



Does Elian Gonzalez ever wonder what he did to make the Democrats not like him? We are told that Democrats welcome refugees from war-torn Syria because of their superior humanitarian compassion. When Elian was just shy of 6 years old, he witnessed his mother and 12 others drown en route to the United States as their small aluminum boat took on water when its motor failed. The passengers were refugees fleeing their Cuban homeland. Elian and two other survivors were discovered floating in the Straits of Florida by local fishermen who contacted the Coast Guard, who completed the rescue.

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) initially placed Elian with maternal relatives in Miami, who sought to keep him in the United States against his father’s demands that Elian be returned to Cuba. A federal district court’s ruling that only Elian’s father, and not his extended relatives, could petition for asylum on the boy’s behalf was upheld by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. So it appears in Elian’s case, “the law is the law” and it must prevail against the vast contrary sympathy of his American relatives and the general public at large.

Attorney General Janet Reno, of the Clinton administration, ordered the return of Gonzalez to his father and set a deadline of April 13, 2000. Miami relatives defied the order. The house was surrounded by protesters and police as negotiations continued for several days. The relatives demanded guarantees that they could live with Elian for several months and retain custody, and that Elian would not be returned to Cuba. Reno stated that the relatives rejected all workable solutions as negotiations carried on throughout the night failed. The way for Elian to be returned to his father’s custody was cleared by a Florida family court judge who revoked Lazaro’s temporary custody. Reno made the decision to remove Elian Gonzalez from the house on April 20 and instructed law enforcement officials to determine the best time to obtain the boy. Eight agents of the Border Patrol’s elite BORTAC unit as part of an operation in which more than 130 INS personnel took part approached the house, knocked on the door, and identified themselves. In the pre-dawn hours of Easter eve, Saturday, April 22, when no one responded from within, they entered the house. Pepper-spray and mace were used against those outside the house who attempted to interfere. The full-force raid must have been terrifying to now 6-year-old Elian.

So we are now left to believe that justice had to be served and the law had to be followed in the case of the young traumatized Elian Gonzalez.

But the same law-loving justice is not sought after in the case of thousands of illegal immigrants and unvetted Syrian refugees. Open borders is the cry of high ranking, liberal progressives. Where was their compassion and sympathy in Elian’s case. What is the distinction? Could it be that Elian was too young to vote and he would have only been one new potential registered Democrat as opposed to the thousands that President Obama has welcomed with no questions? I am no longer surprised at the extent the Democrat leadership will go to secure their political futures while ignoring America’s secure future. What I am surprised at, however, is how many good Democrat friends and acquaintances either pay no attention to the hypocrisy or just blindly accept it. The extreme liberal progressives have stolen the leadership of the Democratic Party and are now in the last stages of stealing the leadership of America. God save us all!