Report pros, cons for both candidates



It appears to me that the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign is getting a large amount of positive coverage in The Express. I don’t recall seeing a recent article regarding the latest information on her emails from her own illegal private server while she was secretary of state. Then she tried to destroy the emails after being told to hand them over.

What about the Clinton Campaign being behind instigating the riots at Donald Trump’s rallies?

The Donald Trump Presidential Campaign is usually mentioned in The Express in a negative manner. I don’t recall seeing an article in The Express about Mr. Trump outlining his plans for the first 100 days in office as president at the Gettysburg rally this past weekend.

He calls it his “contract with the American people.”

You really should print an article regarding “The Contract” as it would be very informative for the people.

To me, it is only being fair to have equal coverage for both of the candidates.

Whether The Express favors the Republicans or Democrats, it would be refreshing to see the pros and cons for both candidates.