A few facts

In the matter of Mike Hanna vs. Stephanie Borowicz, let’s look at a few facts.

Mr. Hanna has been doing a commendable job in Harrisburg for many years. What did Mrs. Borowicz ever do for Clinton/Centre Counties except run her mouth about her perceived problems?

There are very few people in Mike’s district who have not been touched by his good works. Look at Bucktail Medical Center. Mike got funding when it was desperately needed. He has helped numerous people with auto license problems, funding for local sportsmen’s clubs, held hearings on stopping the state from dumping sewage sludge in the local forest … and got it stopped! He listened to and helped local sportsmen get the doe hunting allocations lessened. Let’s consider the money Mike arranged for the local fire companies for trucks and equipment. Mr. Hanna has never brought any shame to the district because of fraud or embezzling or anything that shed a bad light upon him or us. The list goes on and on.

If some of the crooks in Harrisburg would take a lesson from him, what a different world this would be.

Mike Hanna is an honorable, able and trustworthy servant of the people. Stephanie Borowicz appeared upon the scene and thinks she can cure the world’s problems! Don’t forget, Stephanie, you won’t be the only representative in Harrisburg. You are looking to get elected to the House of Representatives … not looking to get elected God.

Mike is from Clinton County … born, raised and practiced law here, raised his family and worked for us in Harrisburg for many years. Mike knows the area and the problems we have here. Let’s keep him on the job for us. As long as I am able, I will gladly vote for Mike Hanna.

Thank you, Mike, for being the good man you are and I’m sure you will continue to be.