Eighty-seven years ago the Williamsport- Lycoming County Airport officially opened with over 30,000 celebrants in attendance, including Amelia Earhart. The limited fuel range of passenger planes made this new airport a vital link in national air travel.

Now, due to modern planes’ longer range, Williamsport is no longer a connective link but an end point. There are just two flights a day only going to Philadelphia, with some flights being cancelled due to a lack of ridership.

The airport no longer adequately fulfills its function of adequately connecting Williamsport to the national economy.

Instead of pouring millions of county tax dollars into this losing proposition, those resources could be used to start a luxury express bus service to Philadelphia and Newark Airports.

An express bus from Williamsport to the departure gate at the airport in Philadelphia would take about three hours. This is almost the same time as flying when including the required early arrival at the airport, deplaning in Philadelphia, and then hustling through the airport to your departure gate.

An express bus service would be less expensive, more comfortable, more dependable, more frequent, and much less stressful.