Debating the 76th District’s future



Lock Haven

We recently attended the debate between Mike Hanna and Stephanie Borowicz. This event was sponsored by the Christian Coalition. It was well organized and presently fairly. They deserve our appreciation for a much needed public service and a job well done. Such events naturally spur on the discussion as we decide how we will vote. We have thoughts to share and we hope that you, the readers, will continue the discussion whenever and wherever you can. This election is critical to the continuing successful representation of our area.

A memorable and telling moment during this debate occurred when Mr. Hanna told of working with colleagues who held opposing views. He spoke of compromise and cooperation. On the other hand, Ms. Borowicz stated quite clearly that she could never work with those she disagreed with on controversial issues. This response was deeply troubling since the “ability to work across the aisle” and hammer out compromises is the very essence of the system our Founders gave us. Simply paying lip service to our historic and patriotic heritage is not nearly enough for our government to function. Failure to compromise and to work with fellow legislators is the very essence of the gridlock we all despise.

Responses by candidate Borowicz were lacking in detail and specifics. She also responded to the majority of questions stating that she did not know about the facts and issues at hand.  Most of her answers were simply proclamations that she would rely on faith to get her through complex legislative issues and questions. In contrast, Rep. Hanna’s answers were concise, clear, and displayed professionalism and knowledge that comes only with years of experience and lots of hard work.

Mr. Hanna also embraces a strong faith as he works hard to be fully and factually prepared as he addresses our needs.

Another concern is the money being spent with numerous glossy mailers making extravagant claims. Be careful to make the distinction between the grass roots financial support like Mike gathers from us the voters and the monies for his opponent that, in large part, comes from a tiny handful of very wealthy folks like the Koch Brothers’ network.

Finally, it has come to our attention that there have been several attempts to stage more public debates. While public debates may be stressful for the candidates, it is an excellent venue for the voters to compare the ability and preparedness of the candidates. The Borowicz contingent has refused to even respond to repeated invitations from valid organizations to participate in such events. This alone says a lot about candidate Borowicz’s preparedness, or lack of it, for the job. Discussion and debate are a major part of the job she seeks. In the complex and often contentious halls of the Pennsylvania Legislature, it takes a lot more than just charm and faith to represent our best interests. Our elected officials must do their homework, know the facts, and understand our issues and needs. So far, it looks like Ms. Borowicz has not done her homework.

For many years, catchy phrases like “career politician” and “time for a change” have been tossed about. A “career politician” seeks to perpetuate his own self interests. That individual is very different from one who devotes his life to a career in politics in order to represent the best interests of his constituency. I sincerely believe that Mike Hanna has been and will continue to be such a devoted public servant.

Our representatives in Harrisburg work for us; we hire them with our vote. No rational employer gets rid of an employee who has, for years, done and continues to do an outstanding job. It is in our own best interests to continue to fight to keep the 76th District prosperous, so let’s vote for Mike Hanna.