Election poll problem

JOHN MYERS, Beech Creek

On election day, I did vote early, but I later waited for a friend to go vote for the first time, so I went with the person to keep her calm and show her how easy it is to vote.

Well, we made it to the place and went in, my friend had her ID ready and handed it to the ladies.

She signed, but here’s where something should not have happened: After my friend got done signing in, I was in line explaining the process to her when a guy heard I had voted.

This guy said I was not supposed to be there and I was disturbing the line. Well, the guy then lifted his voice up and yelled “get out!”

I didn’t because I said, “I’m with her.”

He then yelled loudly, “Get over at the wall!”

I left, but the only one who was disturbing the line was him because I had the right to be there. I had the right to stand beside that friend until she went to go vote.

The only right I apparently didn’t have was to help my friend learn how to vote.

Yelling at me without asking for a correct explanation was wrong.

Listen, why did you have to yell instead of politely saying, “Please, could you go over to the wall and don’t bother others?”

Most people already knew who they were voting for, so I wasn’t hurting one voter in line at all, especially when all I was doing was explaining the process to a friend.

To me, there was no need to shout, or to be rude, as this guy was. I know it’s tiresome running an election place, but being inconsiderate to others by yelling just for this isn’t cool and calm. You erupted first, without asking for any explanation.

You should have been more polite. You should have been more understanding. It was unnecessary and very distasteful. You acted like a fool.

I had the right to be there until the person was called to the machine to vote.

“Please” is better then any yelling. All the people in line heard you, making your yelling and behavior even worse.

I’m telling you, if I wasn’t a calm person and left the place like some might not have, things would have been different. You see, I’m a quiet person and would rather be on my own.

When I try to help people, it is rare, so your behavior made me upset, very upset.

Well, you kicked me out, but remember this: When someone is explaining the process and was about to leave the line soon anyway, it’s best to keep quiet instead of screaming your lungs out without asking for any explanation. If I was hurting someone, fighting or using lewd language, I would understand getting upset right away.

But I was only helping a friend. I voted, too, but why make a big deal out of me trying to help someone when it was the first time she has voted and she was very nervous.

When it was my first time to vote, my dad was there and he helped me.

Besides, I would never ever tell people who to vote for, or go behind a machine with them to vote. That’s why a person is there to put the clip into the machine, to explain how to vote and to remind people to confirm their votes.

Voting is an important process, so I thought everyone would be polite at the polls.

All votes count, so please behave yourself.