Hoping isn’t enough


Lock Haven

Heroin and opioid addiction is a problem across the state of Pennsylvania, and the 76th District of the state House of Representatives is no exception. In serving as Clinton County coroner over the past three years and working within the coroner’s office for over a decade, it is obvious that this disease is real and escalating. In watching a recent debate of the Centre County League of Women Voters’ forum between the 76th District candidates Mike Hanna and Stephanie Borowicz, I feel the need to express my great concern.

Both candidates were asked what they’d do to address the problem:

Stephanie Borowicz’s plan? Tell our kids to “just say no” and hope people find a way out of addiction.

Mike Hanna’s plan? Helping Pennsylvanians work together to educate children about the dangers of drug abuse and working with state leaders in both parties to ensure effective treatment centers and programs for those suffering, including helping pass $15 million in funding for treatment and combating the epidemic.

Our problems are too serious for hope alone! Elect someone who has a plan and who takes action. Let’s re-elect Mike Hanna.

(Zach Hanna is Clinton County coroner.)