I am sorry, but I cannot help but LOL watching the national media and their pollsters struggle to comprehend how they got the election wrong. First of all, the polls and the media didn’t get it wrong. They just didn’t want to get it right. It didn’t fit their narrative. I had to turn on my TV to NBC and CNN just to watch the commentary and see them sit around the glass table with their logo mugs trying to examine it all. They say, “No one saw this coming,” Donald Trump winning the election. I say to them, they didn’t, but 60 million other folks did get it right.

I wrote two editorials back in September-October entitled, “Let me explain it to you,” (why folks were behind Trump) and, “The truth about Obamacare.” They were in response to all the negative bashing articles and editorials aimed toward Trump. The reason the media and so-called elites didn’t see this coming was because they have chosen not to report the actual news any longer.

Instead, they opted to try and social engineer the voters into their way of thinking. They didn’t want us or you the voter to see the Trump phenomenon. Never once did they show or talk about the size of his rallies. They refused to show wide-screen shots even when he challenged them to do so. Hillary Clinton barely could fill a high school gym while Trump had 10,000 to 20,000 folks at his rallies. Never did they desire to interview or report on rural voters’ views and report their feelings. Why? Because they only wanted to manipulate the election and sway it toward their candidate, Hillary Clinton. It was so blatant that Hillary was even fed the questions she would be asked during debates by a former CNN employee, Donna Brazile. Folks like me were continually called uneducated, redneck and deplorable. To the contrary, we were actually the educated and well-informed voter and not because we got our information from the national media.

So now we get to see the aftermath. Again, I  LOL. This as I watch college students curl up in balls and cry along with their professors. At Yale University, they have actually created safe space zones for these precious snowflakes and are bringing in counselors, hot chocolate and puppies to comfort them. LOL. This is what happens when you protect these safe-spacers from ever feeling such things as losing, being told no, or experiencing life’s disappointments.

Now we watch protests turn into riots in our American cities over their disappointment. Many of these protesters are paid activists, by the way. The media continues to play up on fears rather than try and unite us. Do you remember the riots after Obama defeated Romney in 2012? Do you remember seeing our young military members walking off their duty post after they voted for Romney and found out that Obama won? Nope, neither do I. Why? Because it didn’t happen. See, we are the type of people who can accept defeat. We are resilient. We endure, adapt and move on. We’re strong not weak. We do not need safe spaces. Some colleges actually banned Trump signs because it might offend someone. Our colleges and universities should be using this experience as a teaching moment for these snowflakes so that when they hit the real world they are better prepared. But that will never happen. Instead, safe zones will be created. They will be encouraged to protest, exams will be canceled due to students being distraught, and nothing will ever change. The media stays in its bubble, as does our educational system, and then they get blindsided and dumbfounded when someone like Trump gets elected president. LOL.

The biggest shame of all this is that the media, including our local newspaper, no longer desires to report the actual news. The articles The Express chose to run were awful. Bias run amuck. I remember reading a front page article in The Express about two weeks before the election stating that the election was basically over. Hillary was about to be coronated. When I read that article, I LOL. I was going to write an editorial that day but figured it would just be more fun to watch the aftermath and it is LOL.

Honestly, though, we need to come together as a country. Obama has divided us for eight years like never before. President-elect Trump might be a lot of things, but he is not a racist, despite what you will see on network media like NBC and CNN. Wanting a secure border and not an open one is not racist. It’s sovereignty. Wanting to pause on allowing Syrian refugees into this country is not racist. It is responsible. Wanting to put our country and American citizens first is not racist. It’s caring. So to you never-Trumpers, try opening you mind. Get away from the biased media and let’s all come together as Americans for the sake of this country.

I say LOL (loving over loathing) (listening over lecturing) (laughing over lamenting).