Myron Ebell a seriously bad choice for EPA transition

Donald Trump ran on the campaign pledge to “drain the swamp.”

However, the past two weeks have shown him to be anything but anti-establishment.

Within days of being elected, Trump named a notorious climate denier and the ultimate Washington insider, Myron Ebell, to lead his administration’s transition at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For decades, Ebell has made a lucrative career out of manufacturing “doubt” about climate science and peddling that doubt in Washington.

This decision bows to the wishes of the dirty energy industry and wages an all-out war on the health and safety of all Americans.

Trump isn’t draining the swamp; he’s pumping it into the government, creating a Board of Polluters to oversee national energy and environmental policy.

A climate science denier has no place running the process to fill key positions in the Environmental Protection Agency. A solid majority of Americans know it’s more important than ever to act on climate.

We need an EPA that will stand up to polluters and take action on our behalf. So far, Trump’s decisions are rigging the system for corporations and against the people.

More than three quarters of the American people didn’t vote for rolling back emission limits or public health protections. We need Trump to honor his pledge to be a president for all by protecting Americans from the dangerous, costly, and deadly effects of climate change.