Not from here … insulting

While I understand the throes of a hard fought political campaign, I have to say that I found State Rep. Mike Hanna’s ads featuring the line “not from here, not for us” to be downright insulting.

For years politicians have complained about the so-called “brain drain,” where viable professionals and young people leave a community and take with them their skills and their potential. In the process the community they leave is adversely impacted.

Now when someone makes the conscious choice to move to our community and lend their talents to help improve or grow a business they open themselves up to a parochial attack for not being “from here.”

I know a number of professionals, myself included, who have recently moved to the area and are contributing to the community in a range of roles at the University, the YMCA, the Hospital, First Quality and many other organizations that positively impact our area.

In the six years since my family relocated to Clinton County, I have been proud to contribute to the positive efforts of the United Way, Downtown Lock Haven, the Partnership for a Drug Free Tomorrow, Leadership Clinton County, the Piper Museum, and the B-Wise Campaign, among others.

Think about the unmatched impact on this community of the Dimaghi Family at First Quality, a family “not from here.” They, like so many others, could have gone elsewhere, but they chose Clinton County. They, like the rest, deserve to be thanked for all that they do to improve our community and make it great. They certainly don’t deserve to be shunned due to the place of their birth.