The big picture

Three days before the election and after all the bickering over so-called issues, I think most of us are not looking at the “big picture.”

The threat to America and our lifestyle is not radical Muslims, immigration, economy, health care, gun control, or abortion. It is the gradual and calculated takeover of America by corporate power in the form of “money.”

They already control much of our legislative offices. This takeover is subtle and slow, but it’s right on track. The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision provides corporations with unlimited ability to influence elections with their money.

In every instance, whether county, state, or national, when the Republican Party is in power, “we the people” suffer loss of our rights and the demise of the middle class.

So, I am not so much as voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as I am for the party that seems less controlled by the “1 percent,” that being the Democratic Party.

I challenge everyone to look at the “big picture.” The only thing that can stop this erosion is the government.

As long as we allow the 1 percent to throw unlimited amounts of money at elections, the erosion will continue.